Item Appearance "Crafting" (Modification)

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Item Appearance "Crafting" (Modification) Empty Item Appearance "Crafting" (Modification)

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:25 pm

Changes are being made for the crafting system in Aenea.

The default NWN crafting dialogue has been disabled, replaced with a new, Aenea-specific system.

Last Updated: November 8, 2013

The new crafting system is designed to make use of the versatility of the VC command system to provide flexibility with fewer resources required by the game.

Many changes require the prior use of the Select tool/feat on an example item.  Most also have a Craft Armor or Craft Weapon rank limitation and a gold piece materials cost (GP Cost).  Several items (various base items for the Player Item Enchantment System) have materials that must be in your inventory to be crafted from.  All crafting is currently limited to being done in a properly equipped "workshop" (there's one in Valorian's Vale).

Currently, the new system offers the following commands and capabilities.  

Appearance Changing "Crafting" (Modification)

Changing amulet, belt, bracer, glove, and ring appearances: can be done in a special level beneath Bluebeard's Tower.

Changing armor appearances: can be done easily via a Crafting Model in any Sronj's Self Service Seamstress Shop (found in several large cities/towns).

Changing helmet, shield, and cloak appearances: can be done in a special level beneath Bluebeard's Tower.

Changing weapon appearances: can be done via a pair of Mystical Modification Boots or Crystals at Bluebeard's Tower or a Smithguild Workshop (found in several large cities).

Several item appearances you find in the toolset are not available with the new system, since those are ones I want to keep reserved for specific treasures in-game, for custom player reward items, or just don't use in Aenea.

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