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Tradeskill: Farming Empty Tradeskill: Farming

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:12 pm

Farming is used when a Player Character (PC) wants to either harvest food from plants or wants to plant food crops.  Each use of this tradeskill relies on a different tool.  

Tool Needed: Harvesting Tool

Use the tool on a food-providing plant. A d100 (%) skill check is made against a difficulty based on the type of plant. If successful, you gain a piece of food. If unsuccessful, nothing happens.  Different plants can produce different amounts of food each day (regrowth happens at sunrise each day...7 am), with each plant able to produce a finite total mount before becoming exhausted.  This amount starts over with each server reset.

If you prefer to try to fully harvest a plant all at once (for the day) without making multiple attempts, you can turn on the "full harvest" option with the VC command: ;;option fullharvest

Tool Needed: Blessed Farmer's Spade
Material Needed: Different foods
Location: Outdoors, above ground
Time: Spring, Summer, or Autumn

Use the spade on a food item in your inventory.  If it is a proper type (and no, you can't plant a cheese sandwich), the food item will be planted.  A d100 (%) skill check is made against a difficulty based on the type of plant to be grown. If successful, you will see nothing...for 24 game hours, after which there will be a  harvestable plant! If unsuccessful, nothing happens.

Followers of Borzig (the God of Weather and Agriculture) have a +10% bonus to these tradeskill checks.  Clerics of Borzig gain an additional +10% (for a bonus of +20%).

As this skill is used, you may improve in it. On a successful skill use, there is a 10% chance you will gain a +1% improvement. This can build up to a +100% over time.

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