Arbor Falls

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Arbor Falls

Post by RustyDios on Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:42 am

Hail All...

Vault surfing.. one of my favorite pastimes when at another PC that doesn't have NWN installed...
Anyway... Lordofworms (creator of many creature overide packs, tilesets, and a host of other stuff).. has created and released his PW...
I'm putting a shout out here for him.. as he has given many of us so much, I somehow feel we owe him enough to at least look at his work....
And not to mention, he puts a shout to The Amethyst Dragon for his coloured icons.. of which LoW uses...

Vault Link for Arbor Falls

... and on a completely un-relelated note I came across this ... which clearly states that the name "Aenea" isn't fully fictional (The Amethyst Dragon has already admitted he made-it-up as a name that spells the same foward and backward)... it has roots in Greek and Latin, and the meaning..... "TO PRAISE" ...
I'd say thats a fair name to have given this PW.. .. well done The Amethyst Dragon ... Smile Smile
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