The Invisible, Untargetable Kobold (or other enemy)

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The Invisible, Untargetable Kobold (or other enemy) Empty The Invisible, Untargetable Kobold (or other enemy)

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:36 am

The untargetable enemy is a bug in the NWN software that pops up every once in a while. I have seen it on other PWs as well. Usually, going through an area transition will make that enemy appear, or having a follower (familiar, summoned animal companion, henchman, etc.) will help. Also, if you have Cleave or Great Cleave, you will sometimes cleave over to that invisible enemy and proceed to attack it normally. You will also often automatically attack that enemy after killing another enemy with a melee weapon or ranged weapon.

Update: This appears to be a NWN software & video card issue. There are a few times when the software just can't seem to keep updated with rendering some knows the enemy is there, but doesn't load in the model.


Option A: Go through an area transition, then return. This will usually make the enemy appear so you can target them.

Option B: Have followers (familiar, henchmen, summons). They have the ability to target and attack these "missing" foes.

Option C: Cleave/Great Cleave/Circle Kick. Having these feats means you will sometimes automatically switch to attacking the "missing" foe.

Option D: Kill another enemy with a melee or ranged weapon. Often, you will automatically switch to attacking the next enemy.

Option E: Area of effect spells (fireball comes to mind). If the "missing" enemy is in the area of the spell, they can still get burned.

Option F: Attacks of Opportunity are your friends. If you can draw that enemy into a situation where you get an AoO on it when not fighting anyone else, you're now targeting it.

Option G: Try the VC command ;;tool rendernpc, and it may get the game to re-render nearby enemy models. (untested)
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