[N.A.C.] Robes

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[N.A.C.] Robes

Post by MannyJabrielle on Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:35 pm

Resubmitting the CEP robes issue out of the previous locked thread...  Also using this as a thread others can post CEP+ACP robes which aren't working with the override...

Oriental getup for halflings... that I believe needs a whole new resized robe for the haflings, since AFAIK, there's only model files for the female human/halfelf, and elf phenotypes, no halforc, dwarf, or gnomes either... but somehow I just would rather not see a half orc woman running around in a Chun-Li getup Razz


The longcloat robes/loincloth robes from the 1.69 patch... they don't work right for elves in any of the combat styles, can't figure out why yet.

Callendri tunic robe... doesn't work for shield style on humans that I know of so far...

If anyone has found that with the override, certain robe parts still aren't working for a given style, please post a screenshot of the robe, what style, and racial type so I can see which files I missed or need to re-edit?
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