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Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:40 pm

Updated December 27, 2010

Herbalism is used when a Player Character (PC) wants to use natural herbs and plants to create beneficial herbal preparations, which can provide non-magical, short-term effects for the user.

Tool Needed: Herbalist's Pouch (can be purchased from Morty inside Bluebeard's Tower in Valorian's Vale)

You can use the herbs in the pouch to put together various herbal preparations, which can be used by any PC. If you have enough herbs, a d100 (%) skill check is made against a difficulty based on the preparation being made. If successful, you gain a that preparation and can use it any time. If unsuccessful, nothing happens (but you still lose the herbs, since they are "used up" when you try to make something with them).

You can restock an herbalist's pouch if you turn on the "small items collecting" option via the VC command ;;option collect and go walking around forests and swamps, or by visiting Morty again and purchasing a refill from him.  The pouch's "unique power" property does nothing, but if placed in a quickslot it will show how many herbs remain in the pouch.

Generally, the more expensive in terms of herbs used up, the more difficult a preparation is to make. The easiest is Fool's Weed, the most difficult is Troll Weed.

As this skill is used, you may improve in it. On a successful skill use, there is a 10% chance you will gain a  1% improvement. This can build up to a 100% over time.

Current Herbal Preparations:

Bright Eyes
Code: ;;ts herb brighteyes
Effect: removes blindness
Herbs Used: 5

Clean Blood
Code: ;;ts herb cleanblood
Effect:   3 to saves vs. poison for 24 hours
Herbs Used: 4

Cut Glue
Code: ;;ts herb cutglue
Effect: heals 3 hitpoints
Herbs Used: 1

Code: ;;ts herb feverbreak
Effect: removes disease
Herbs Used: 7

Fire Tongue
Code: ;;ts herb firetongue
Effect: fire resistance 10 for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 1

Code: ;;ts herb flutterwing
Effect:  1 Int for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 3

Fool's Weed
Code: ;;ts herb foolsweed
Effect: immunity to fear for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 1

Code: ;;ts herb hawkweed
Effect:   5 Spot for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 1

Horse Heart
Code: ;;ts herb horseheart
Effect:   1 Con for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 3

Ice Tongue
Code: ;;ts herb icetongue
Effect: cold resistance 10 for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 1

Inner Glow
Code: ;;ts herb innerglow
Effect:   1 Cha for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 3

Iron Blood
Code: ;;ts herb ironblood
Effect:   3 to saves vs. disease for 24 hours
Herbs Used: 4

Iron Will
Code: ;;ts herb ironwill
Effect:   1 Wis for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 3

Code: ;;ts herb lungwort
Effect: water breathing for 2 hours
Herbs Used: 3

Night Eyes
Code: ;;ts herb nighteyes
Effect: darkvision for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 4

Power Paste
Code: ;;ts herb powerpaste
Effect:   1 Str for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 3

Rabbit Ears
Code: ;;ts herb rabbitears
Effect: removes deafness
Herbs Used: 5

Squirrel Fast
Code: ;;ts herb squirrelfast
Effect:   1 Dex for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 3

Tree Skin
Code: ;;ts herb treeskin
Effect:   1 natural armor for 1 hour
Herbs Used: 5

Troll Weed
Code: ;;ts herb trollweed
Effect: regeneration (1/round) for 3 hours
Herbs Used: 8

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