Notice to All Casters of Significant Power; New Facility to Allow Creature Containment!

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Notice to All Casters of Significant Power; New Facility to Allow Creature Containment!

Post by evilkittenofdoom on Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:04 am

The Tower of Infinity is now open to the public and can be found on the hill west of Valorian's Vale. An orb at the base will teleport you to the floor that is open to the public. That floor is not barred from teleportation, as to facilitate the use of the Containment Field.

The Containment Field is a chamber designed to allow safe use of the ability to whisk away one's unwilling opponents for later disposal. Simply enter the field using the crystal found near it and attune a teleportation marker to that location. Then, send your opponents to that spot, so that either you, or someone else, can deal with them later.

In addition, there can be found Fonts of Blood, for those who bask in the night, as well as a fully functioning Item Creation room.

Please note that you are responsible for what you do in the Tower, and that if you choose to enter the Containment Field, you do so at your own risk. Otherwise, please enjoy the use of the Tower, and most importantly, the Containment Field.

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