Bug: League Members

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Bug: League Members

Post by Angel of Death on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:50 pm

So, I decided to hire a Tracker from the league member organization and came upon a few bugs.

*The Tracker (5 Ranger levels) had both a bardic song feat (Can't remember the exact name) and Brew Potion. Neither feat really suiting for a 'tracker'...
*When it died (naturally, a 5th level ranger can't handle a orc destroyer >.>) and I tried to raise it, it didn't work. I tried both a resurrection scroll and a raise dead scroll, neither brought it back but visualeffect was performed.

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Just a minor note / suggestion: It could be nice if there was some form of scaling when a higher level / epic pc wish to hire a league member, since a low level hirelings doesnt do much good vs high/epic scaled spawns. Smile
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