Enemy Spawns in Aenea (ie. Sparky Spawn - modified Aenea version)

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Enemy Spawns in Aenea (ie. Sparky Spawn - modified Aenea version)

Post by daveyeisley on Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:41 pm

The system that Aenea uses to spawn creatures is a modifed version of the Sparky Spawn system included with the CEP.

In Aenea, when your PC enters a new area, such as the inside of a building, or a cave, or another part of the forest, as soon as he or she appears in that area, the game spawns all the enemies that will be in that area for that particular exploration of the area.

The type of creatures is determined by a random roll against a list of creatures allowed to spawn in that area.

The number of creatures that spawn is determined by using "Average Party Level". This is calculated by adding up the levels of all party members, with modifiers for minions and such, and then dividing by the number of party members.

With this number, the system is then able to spawn in a population of creatures that should be appropriate for a party of that level. Thankfully, if this calculation is off, the scale can be tweaked as needed. More information is available from if you follow this link.

Basically, the reason all of this is important boils down to the fact that:

Even if a party member is nowhere near you, they still affect the average party level, and thus, they affect what will spawn for you.

For example, if you are level 4, and you are in a party with a 40th level PC, you will find your encounters are chock-full of creatures. If you were 22nd level (the average of 40 and 4) this might be OK, but at level 4, you will likely be overwhelmed.

The reverse is also true. If that level 40 is expecting a major population of enemies to spawn, they will be disappointed, as their spawns will seem around half of the usual, as would be more approrpiate for a 22nd level PC.
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