Epic Spell Dragon Knight

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Epic Spell Dragon Knight

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:48 pm

I have this in the feat version, not the researched version, but I would assume that they function off the same script as I get silver dragons with my cleric...


The dragon gets random commoner names. Which gives him a little bit of 'personality' I suppose, but somehow doesn't seem quite right for a "Dragon Knight" named Jake or William or Bob.

Also... the dragons need to have their follow distance extended. They try to crawl up my (bleep) when I'm not running around, or even when I am since my cleric doesn't use haste/speedy boots. With how they tend to take up the whole screen... it causes issue where it's extremely difficult to click on objects (chests, remains, baddies) because their clickspace takes up my whole screen (this is an issue with Animator golems too btw).

Resting also doesn't seem to get rid of them. Not sure if this is bug or feature.... kinda neat though to be running around with a pair of silver dragons though. They kinda suck at fighting, but make very nice meatshields.
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