Spell Bug: Illusionary Object

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Spell Bug: Illusionary Object

Post by Angel of Death on Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:35 pm

The spell works correctly, for the most part...the only objects which appears to be bugged is #37 (Tree, Apple) and #38 (Tree, Orange).

When I tried to cast this spell and conjure up the illusion of either an apple tree or orange tree, the object appeared correctly, but did not stick out for the full duration of the spell*...rather it blinked out a second later.
*Anna's CL is 31, so they are supposed to last 31 rounds ...62 if extended.

Another quirk about this spell: The objects are not able to be dispelled by a Morderkainen's Disjunction AoE dispel...they stick for the full duration of the spell. Makes for very stable illusions...very suitable for an archmage of illusion, which Anna is...but doubt that's supposed to be that way...I don't complain though! Razz Ignore that, they appears to be permanent once cast.

To sum up: A duration problem (permanency, instead of 1 round/level) and a problem with object #37 & #38 disappearing 1-2 seconds after being cast.

And just throwing out a suggestion here also: Might be a good idea to lower the placeables closer to the ground, so they aren't floating in the air--that would, in my opinion, make them more believable. Smile

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