Shifter Abilities Broken: Petrify, Darkness, Mindblast

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Shifter Abilities Broken: Petrify, Darkness, Mindblast

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:32 pm

These three abilities aren't working. Petrify's used by the basilisk and medusa, Darkness by the drider and epic drow shape, and mindblast by the mindflayer shape.

The problem is they're not firing off. Although the radial icons show as unlimited use, they're actually restricted to a number of uses by scripting. Mindblast is 1+1 per 3 shifter levels, petrify is 1+ 1 per 5 shifter levels, and darkness 1+ 1 per ten shifter levels. Alex, my shifter should be getting 2 uses of darkness per shift, 4 uses of petrify per shift, and 6 uses of mindblast per shift. He's not getting any. When he tries to use the abilities, he gets the message "you cannot concentrate sufficiently to use this ability", which is the 'no more uses' feedback message.

The scripts for these abilities are X2_S1_DriderDark.nss, X2_S1_PetrGaze.nss, and X2_S1_gwmindb1.nss

Something of note... these abilities have all seen modification in some way on Aenea, at least as far as the default spell (darkness) and default monster abilities (petrify and mindflayer psionic blast). If these could have some way affected the function of the scripts of the shifter versions, that might go towards finding out why they aren't working anymore.

On the hunch that for some reason the scripts were not seeing Alex's shifter levels (when given to a non-shifter, the uses defaults to 0), I relevelled him. That had no effect. The abilities don't work still.
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Re: Shifter Abilities Broken: Petrify, Darkness, Mindblast

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:45 pm

I haven't changed anything with those abilities.  Not sure why this isn't being set properly, but for the next module reset I'm adding some code to the sleep script to set all of those number of use variables.

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