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Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:46 am

Alchemy gives PCs the ability to combine various objects and materials to create semi-magical substances.

The process is be fairly straightforward:

1. Go to an alchemy lab and find an alchemist's workbench.  Bluebeard has one below his tower.
2. Put the required reagents into the workbench's inventory.  Stay near it (you must be within 6 meters of the workbench during the process).
3. Input the correct VC command for the desired alchemical product.
4. Take finished product (or any possible leftover reagents on a failed check) from the workbench.

On a successful check, all the reagent(s) will be used up and the finished item will be in the workbench's inventory.

On a failed check, there's a 67% chance for any one reagent to be lost in the process.  For instance, if a product requires Reagent A, Reagent B, and 3 of Reagent C, there's a 67% chance that Reagent A will be lost, a 67% chance that Reagent B will be lost, and a 67% change that one of Reagent C will be lost (leaving 2 of that one left over).

Difficulties are based roughly on the value/use of the finished item...d100 + alchemy skill to try to beat difficulty percentage (just like other tradeskills).  Lowest end will be at 10 (for something like a warming gel made from the belly of a fire beetle that provides cold resistance 10 for 1 game hour) to highest end of 100ish (for a few more powerful items like a new weapon enhancing crystal that can add on-hit stun).  Gnomes will get a +10 bonus to their checks (the lucky buggers have always been considered better at alchemy).


Current Alchemical Substances
Last Updated: September 18, 2013

The complete list of alchemical products has been moved to a standard page on the Aenea PW website:

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