Tradeskill bug: Bullets crafting (weaponsmithing)

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Tradeskill bug: Bullets crafting (weaponsmithing)

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:18 am

The products lists states that crafting sling bullets from a bar of iron will net a stack of 99 regular bullets.  The actual ingame mechanics are granting 1 bullet per 1 bar of iron.

And a side note: Given the cost of the bars of iron, it is extremely inefficient to craft your own bullets as a stack of 99 plain bullets costs far less premade from a merchant.  Not even quite sure the bar->bullet costs would be worth it even if it were to give 99 bullets per bar of iron. Maaaybe if PC crafted bullets had a slight advantage? +1 damage or some such?  Nothing big of course, but something to make it balance out vs just buying stacks of bullets.  Likewise for arrows/bolts.  haven't crafted any of them yet, but a stack of arrows from pretty much any merchant is 1 gp.  Even if the materials to craft arrows were 1 gp, you still need a plant of wood and a feather to make arrows.... twice the cost over buying premade, on top of a random chance your crafting effort will be unsuccessful.
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