Everfull bolt case, new crystals and automatic reloading bugs

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Everfull bolt case, new crystals and automatic reloading bugs

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:07 am

Came across two bugs with the everfull case of bolts

First one, automatic reloading.  Unlike the everfull quiver, the bolt case was NOT auto replenishing the stacks of bolts for me.  I had to manually click on the bolt case item to create a new stack.

Second bug.... the new crystals, they're not applying right.

I crafted several crystals, a couple each of quaking, lightning, glaciation, ect... the "upgraded" versions of the standard elemental crystals as well as the crystal of maiming (upgraded smiting crystal).  I then applied them to my everfull bolt case.

Each one stated at time of application that they successfully added 1d6 damage of their relative type.  Only half of them actually did though.  The crystals of lightning, quaking, and maiming did not actually add their bonus.  The bolt box itselt still listed the respective damage types at 1d4, and the actual bolts produced had the same properties as well.

I also tried a crystal of lightning and thunder (to try and get the 1d6 sonic from that, as well as see if the on-hit stun property would apply at all)  No sonic damage from that either, I forget however if the crystal gave me a message saying it (supposedly) added the damage or not like the quaking crystal did.

I have not gone to see if the crystals are bugged wth the everfull quiver and everfull bullet bag yet
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