Creation of Magic Items: Predesigned Items

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Creation of Magic Items: Predesigned Items Empty Creation of Magic Items: Predesigned Items

Post by The Amethyst Dragon on Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:39 am

Player characters can create magical items of their own by combining existing items (often masterwork quality base items) with magical spells, some gold, and experience points while using an enchanters' workbench within a magical laboratory.

Such items have been predesigned in the toolset and are often duplicates of items found while adventuring.

Complete tables listing each possible item and the requirements for creating them can be found here:
Creation of New Magic Items

Spells needed for enchantment must be castable by the person doing the enchantment.  Having the spells available via scrolls or other items does not count.

The casting class is determined by the player using the ;;mi class xxxx VC command (such as ;;mi class wizard or ;;mi class druid).

The cost in gold represents various mystical substances and sundry small objects needed by an item enchanter that must be purchased and consumed by the magic at the time of item creation.

The cost in experience is the bit of personal energy the spellcaster binds into each item.  This cost is added as XP Debt, so that levels cannot be lost through item enchantment.

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