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Great Sword Icons

Post by MannyJabrielle on Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:54 am

Just noticed this bug.  Certain greatsword icons are messed up.  They display as a solid black rectangle.  The two I've found so far have been that +8 charisma greatsword sold in Occulus' tower, and my one PC"s "Luminaria".  Her luminaria has a crafted appearance though, so I do not know if the default drop version has the same issue or not.

As the entire icon is black, I can't quite tell which part of the weapon has the busted icon.  The icons display correctly in the toolset, just not in game.

I don't know the parts numbers for the 'sword of confidence' (the +8 cha gs), however I can say that Audrey's luminaria is top 8-3 (default luminaria blade), middle and bottom 19, colors either 1 or 4 (1 and 4 are identical).

I came across another GS with busted icons as well, but can't recall which one it was specifically.
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