Blood of Magic deletes other Blood of Magic

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Blood of Magic deletes other Blood of Magic

Post by Kalandra on Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:20 pm


Had this weird occurence today:
- I had 29 "Blood of Magic" items in my inventory, as they can be bought from traders.
- Then, I looted 3 "Blood of Magic" items with different icons from the "Elder Brain".
- Got the following chat message:
"Blood of Magic acquired."
".Blood of Magic acquired."
"Blood of Magic lost."
".Blood of Magic lost."
- After that, I had 3 "Blood of Magic" with the current icon in my inventory.

I guess it's a script to update outdated items - which works fine. But it also deleted some non-outdated copies in the process.

Suggested fix: Remove "Blood of Magic" from the Elder Brain.

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