Spell Bug: Know Alignment

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Spell Bug: Know Alignment

Post by MannyJabrielle on Fri Sep 19, 2014 5:40 pm

This one doesn't appear to work right.  The description says that creatures within range will have their alignment indicated via two pulses of light (one for the law/chaos axis, color coded, one for the good/evil axis, also color coded), however, when I tested out the spell, I would only get a little hallow of blue-white light over my PC's head for a few moments.  No light pulses at all on PCs/NPCs nearby (and well withing range).

And a sidenote... looking at the description as per how it's *supposed* to work... it would be very difficult to get the alignments for multiple creatures nearby.... not only would you need to make a mental note of the two pulses of light off each creature, but then you'd need to look up the color coding chart on the spell description... which could be a hassle memory wise for the player if there's 3 or more creatures within range of the spell.  So... perhaps it may be better to have the spell give the caster feedback in the combat log?  It would be a bit difficult to tell which creature on screen matches up to what entry in the combat log, however for NPCs, they like-type creatures tend to be the same alignment, yes?  That is, goblins are likely to be all the same alignment, not some LE, some CN, some NE, some CE, ect.
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