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Post by sevenar on Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:35 pm

I slept for ages in darkness as though my eyes had never been opened. I did not taste, did not feel, did not hear. There was nothing *to* hear. The Great Hall is vast and peaceful in its own way, but nothing compares with the clean silence of emptiness.


Something is wrong; there is an agitation in the void that threatens the calm. A gentle rumble at the edge of my consciousness like the roar of distant thunder. An indescribable flash overtakes my mind as colors and sounds... I can feel them! I feel the heat from the dull purple light; the cool, polished stone; the air pressing in on... my body? What has happened to me? I have never experienced movement, but try as I might this form will not obey my command. My eyes are opened, but not of my own accord. My vision is blurred, but I see arches over a dimly lit chamber. Red and gold runes float indistinguishably overhead in patterns that no mortal could see, but I follow them with ease. I hear the crackle of flame. I hear the subtle shifting of the stone and the comparably loud din of a voice speaking the tongue of the ancient ones. I hear the energy of the world being manipulated around me, through me, forming me.

The humanoid points his claw-like hand toward me as he continues the incantation. Raising his arms overhead, his voice crescendos into a scream as the final words exit his curled lips. The spell ended, he throws his arms and the entire weight of his existence at my frozen figure, and I am engulfed in a light so bright and strong that, for a moment, I feel as though I am in the void once more.

As the world fades back into view, I sense yet another change has taken place. I try and move and... yes! My heads turns slightly to the left, but mine is not the only presence inside it. I can feel this gnome's mind and smell his deluded ambition as he moves my limbs. My body takes a step forward, and then another. Watching him before me it is obvious that he willed my legs to move and not I. He presents a wicked smile and nods at me, "his" creation. "His" work of art. With great difficulty I slowly raise my metallic arm and step forward again to bring it down on the skull of this impudent mortal. Suddenly I am frozen again, and a blast of pain overwhelms me as my arm is forced against my side once more. He stares into my face for what feels like an eternity, and I can feel the anger behind his gaze. He releases me from his control and places a hand on his chest as he speaks his name, "Sevenar." I lower my head and examine with wonder this new shape encasing my being, and I understand. Everything. Above all that I am subject to this creature's will.


It is a strange experience recalling the creation of your soul, or rather another's soul breathing consciousness into your body with all the grace and ease of a bird taking flight. Creatures such as these humanoids are incapable of remembering their birth, but I am not limited by their cerebral shortcomings. My mind now holds the knowledge of a thousand civilizations. My body will outlast even the mighty dragons by centuries. I am an immutable visage of the infinite... and I will be free.
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