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Post by inthecorridors on Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:05 am

She opened her eyes halfway, painfully, her mind completely blank. Burning stink... scorched earth... people... not moving. Fires in the pines. Rain begginning to fall. Thunder. Pain in her arms and chest. She heard voices with the feeling of shouting, but curiously muffled. Footsteps, hard, rapid... oddly soft though. Feebly, she attempted to stand... only got maybe a quarter of the way up. Pain wracked her body, and she coughed, hard, painfully, choking on the resinous smoke. Black nibbled at the edges of her vision.
"Dear gods... this one's alive! She's still alive, over here, this girl's still alive!"


She awoke suddenly. She was in a bed. Covered with a light blanket. The room was bright. Made of wood. Wood walls, ceiling, floor. Small makeshift altar with a bottle and a candle. A strong breeze whipped and snapped the curtains at the window. A girl of about fourteen was scurrying towards the window, muttering, "Storm again, better close the shutters, sky about to break open, need the rain though..." She stared at the girl's back blankly. No name was coming. No sense of place. As the girl turned, she almost looked past her, then she looked back and started.
"Dad! Dad, she's awake!" She ran to the bedside and knelt next to her. "I'm Orianna... do you need anything? Do you hurt?"
She heard the sound of more than one person running towards her. She tried to speak, but only a croak came out of her dry throat. Orianna swiftly poured her a cup of water from a pitcher that had gone unnoticed by the bedside, and held it to her lips. Greedily she drank. She was aware of someone standing over Orianna, and more presences in the door to the little room. She swallowed, and said into the expectant pause,
"Dear GODS I'm hungry!"


She slurped up the last of her third bowl of stew and finally pushed her bowl away. "Thank you," she said politely, vaguely wondering who had taught her to say that. The candlelight flickered in the warm, dim, comforting kitchen.
"You're welcome, dear. By the gods, you're a sturdy girl. We were worried you wouldn't make it when we found you, but the Asis cleric we summoned said you had the constitution of a small bear, and that you'd heal well with time and a few potions... since you were just grazed by the lightning, reallly." Otis hesitated. "You still don't remember anything else?"
She shook her head. "Yelling. Flash of steel. A woman with white hair. A much much brighter flash. Some pain. I remember awakening, someone shouting that I was alive. Then I woke up here, and Orianna got me water."
No one spoke for a minute. The rain pounded the roof outside. There was sudden flash, followed quickly by an earthshaking crack of thunder. The three girls started, and Otis looked swiftly at the girl, worried she would panic. She was completely calm. She had her head tilted, listening carefully. "About a mile and a half away, moving swiftly. It will pass soon."
She blinked. "What?"
Otis frowned for a second. "Yes, they're probably right... yes." He got up and took something out of a small box on a shelf in the kitchen. "You were wearing this when you were found. Most of the people argued for destroying it, saying it had called down his wrath. I said that perhaps it had protected you, and kept it."
"The symbol of the Stormbringer, the thunderhead and raindrops of Borzig," she said immediately, automatically, then blinked.
Otis nodded slowly. "Can't remember your own name, but you know his. Yes. There was a woman. Clearly his cleric. She was at the center of it. Orcs, around you. All dead. Fried, as it were. You, at the edges. The only one still alive, with this crude amulet, as if made by a child. They think she was your mother. We've sent a messenger to Lightningville, trying to see if any of the clerics knew of her..."
She nodded slowly. "She... called the storm... to try to protect us, you think?"
"Aye. We think she sacrificed herself to keep you away from the slavers. The orcs have been bold, of late."
She nodded again, then reached for the symbol. She stared at it, then slipped it over her head.
"Do you remember anything else, now?" Tess piped up.
She shook her head.
The only sound was the rain gently tapping the roof. The storm was indeed passing.
Finally Otis spoke up. "Let's be to bed... it's grown late."
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