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Post by KangTheMad on Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:59 pm

The Orcish Commander stared at the Demon-spawn infront of him for a full minute before speaking. "Your parents were both highly useful to us in the creation of K'nort Scrar. Your Orcish mother and the demon we summoned were powerful beings. You are eager to accept this mission, but be careful. You aren't immortal, though you fight like you are. Go, scout out the lands. Kill quietly, secretly. DO NOT fail."

The advisor to the Commander watched Varaug leave. "Do you think he has a chance?"

The Commander regarded his advisor for a moment, thinking on the things he didn't tell him about Varaug. "He has a very good chance idiot." He walked off to his office and smiled to himself. Things would be very interesting with Varaug loose. The chaos he had planned would be perfect.
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