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Post by inthecorridors on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:15 am

The bottle of Fishhead's Oil lay empty on the floor of the room. Drunken laughter wobbled around the room. There was a thump and a giggle as the milkmaid tumbled off the bed.
She giggled some more. "Ocmon, show m'shome r'l GOOD mag'c 'en! Heeheeeheee! Sure y'know s'm g'd shpellsh!"
The apprentice magi, who might have overstated his powers a bit to impress the girl, stood up and flung his arm out dramatically... nearly toppling over. " 've go' a goo' un 'here, I do! W'ch 'is!" With fumbling fingers he extracted the scroll he'd filched from his master's laboratory and squinted at it.
"Oooohhhhhhhh..." cooed the inebriated milkmaid, thinking erroneously the spinning sensation around her new boyfriend was all part of the magic.
"Ik-- ek-- eikshama... ojubade-- da... kiaria... ishlar! I summon... a drago-- no, a demon-- no, uh, a sorc--... ooohhh..." A wave of nausea overcame the apprentice.
Magic exploded out from the scroll, twisting and writhing wildly, activated but confused and misdirected and misshapen by the mage's pickled brain.


Far, far, *far* away, a mother was giving lessons to her young daughter. "Reach inside yourself for the fire, and pull it out into the world! Feel the space in front of you and push the fire out into it!" A small wisp of smoke curled upward from her mouth as the mother likewise concentrated on fire. She waved it away with a clawed hand and watched her daughter with flickering slit-pupiled eyes.
The daughter's leathery wings unfolded themselves unconsciously as the did as instructed, concentrating a little, yes, but mostly feeling, conjuring the instinctive caress of the flames, her right hand resting on the warm back of her puppy...
As the tendrils of magic shot out of the ground around her, for a split second she thought it was part of the spell she was conjuring--
but then her mother's eyes widened, she opened her mouth to shout something, and the tendrils reached lashed themselves around her, pulling her through the earth, the plane itself, just as she was trying to open and align her mind with the fire. The pain in her mind and somewhere inside her bones was intense. Either she was blind or the world had become strange red and black shapes, tunnel like... she heard yelping...


The mage toppled off the bed from the explosive force of a woman and a dog filling the space where previously there had just been air. Someone below bellowed for them to keep it down, kids these days, rargh...


Takara's mind reeled and wobbled as she slammed hard into the floor. What-- where--
A whimper brought her somewhat back. Her puppy looked at her with confusion in his glowing, burning eyes. Well, that wasn't much new, the creature was dumb as a post, but he'd been with the family for generations...


The mage stood up, squinting at the pair. The maid had flung herself into a corner of the room, terrified into silence and something resembling sobriety in a vague fashion. "HaHA!" crowed the apprentice mage triumphantly, lacking the common sense to be afraid. "Knew I co'd do et! F'l dem'ess, ye sh'll srv me now!"


Burning, roiling rage filled Takara in a flash. THIS pitiful creature--! Serve--! He had done this to her! Serve! Her disorientation burned away in the fiery certainty that this creature was about to die for his idiocy and she was on her feet perfectly steady and she FELT the flames and she MADE them fill the space in front of her where this puny wannabe mage was, the spell leaping from her fingers as if chased by all the demons of hell.


The milkmaid stared at the pile of ash inside the small fire on the bed where her paramour had been. Someone else seemed to operate her hands and arms as she snatched the water pitcher and doused the fire, and turned to stare at the woman whose tail was thrashing behind her.


The hellhound yowled plaintively and his voice broke into Takara's mind. "Did you have to incinerate him like that? I was hungr--!"
His complaint cut off as she absently backhanded him on the nose. A small puff of smoke escaped his mouth.

"You," said Takara in a voice that frightened the milkmaid fully sober. She glared at her and thrashed her tail some more. "What is this place?"
"The-- the-- the Sl-Sleeping Dragon-on Inn, m-mistress!"
Takara abruptly stopped glaring, her tail still thrashing. Mistress. This was good and proper. Good. And she understood the common tongue. Now, as for this "Sleeping Dragon Inn," she had never heard of it. It must not be anywhere near-- oh.
The long journey that took seconds, the tunnel, the mage. She was not home anymore. Not at all. Hmm.
"Good, child, goooood. Your attitude is proper. Now...what world is this?" she asked softly, smiling pleasantly.
The girl blinked and looked confused. Hope that she would not die slowly diffused past the terror. "Why, Aenea, mistress...?"
Takara looked around the room. "Never heard if it. Is it large?"
"Um... yes, I suppose it is, mistress? I've never been much past this village myself..."
"Have you magic users here?"
"Many, mistress!"
"In some parts... mistress!"
The milkmaid shuddered. "In some parts, mistress, in some parts..."
"Of course! What sort of world has no gods? ...Mistress!"

Takara tucked her tail up along her spine and over her shoulder, furled her wings, and sat down in the chair in the corner. She waved her hand imperiously at the girl. "Now, bring all of your boyfriend's belongings here for me to inspect..."


Equipped with the former apprentice's pitiful gear, her wings and tail hidden beneath a voluminous cloak she'd appropriated from him, she strode out of the room and down the hall. Vince crunched happily on the less scorched femur formerly belonging to the milkmaid. "Much less overdone thi---" He yelped as she absently smacked him on the nose again.

She looked around the main room of the inn she was now in, then felt a tug on her sleeve. Her eyes flared as she whipped around to see who dared... an ancient human man, with rheumy eyes and shaking hands. She prepared to burn him to cinders, too, but stopped. She felt the presence of several mages as they entered the inn, much more powerful than she, for now.
"Yes?" she growled.
She half listened as he asked her to fetch him some silly drink. She felt something else, too, in this room... a magical artifact of ancient, blazing power... in the possession of this old man.
He grinned, showing four teeth. "So how's about it, you get me the Fishhead's Oil, I give you my old walking stick?"
Takara stared hungrily at the "stick." He had no idea what he held, did he? Oh, but she did.
"All right," she said slowly, "I'll do it. Ma-se-done, you said?"
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