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Shaydra Knallin

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Shaydra Knallin Empty Shaydra Knallin

Post by KangTheMad on Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:33 pm

Hm? Whats this? You wish to know my history? Well, thats interesting. Why would I tell you my history? I mean, its not as if I live an interesting life or...Oh, you found what now? A journal? Hm...clues...you followed them? Good for you, not too many people can follow. Join? Well, yes I suppose so. But my history? Oh fine. Here, read this book. Last chapter in the Shayde/Shaydra section.

Chapter 7: The Shaydra, Knallin.

As I understand it, it is customary to write down your history in this book, so others may read it. Very well. My real name I do not know. I don't know if I ever had a birth name. How that turned out...well, simply put, I'm a daughter of an elven whore. Yep. My mother raised me on her ownsome, just calling me Child. Her name I didn't know either, but some men called her Knallin, so that is my last name I believe. She eh...worked hard for enough money to feed me and keep me alive. To get me an education and clothing. Why she didn't just dump me and improve her own life I'll not know. She died for me, when times got tough, I was the only one to get food. She starved to death. I cried only a little, I wasn't very fond of her I have to admit.

I am now a powerful cleric, I got here through tough, hard work and being intelligent enough to survive. More than my mother did at any rate. I liked keeping a low profile, I learned more that way, nobody gave a flying hoot what they talked about if there wasn't a threat around. Its how I found the Shadow. Or maybe they knew, that too is a possibility. Could they had led me to the fortress? Yes, knowingly without doubt. No way in the world, they can all teleport, so why would they walk in plain sight, easily followed? They knew I was following, they had to. So thats how I was in the Shadow.

It took a long time, I witnessed the leadership of two Shaydes in my time here. Shayde Vaziland and Shayde Ningling. Their rulership was uneventful, the way they liked it. Both kept an eye on me, I could feel it. Why I did not know, now I do, the first Shaydra. Never before had a female held reign. A landmark in the Shadow I was. I am. I will be. I intend to stay alive, it would be hard to kill me at my power, at the head of the Shadow. I have not yet felt any ill winds brewing, nor have our spies in the kingdoms. All is calm for now, that is all I know. Well, I do know more than that, but secrets are not to be written in this book.

//OOC note: The references to the Shadow is involved in a little "adventure group" I am planning and working out a history for.
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