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Post by evilkittenofdoom on Sat Dec 12, 2009 4:45 am

"Exiled" : The Story of Scha, Demon Warrior and Bringer of Chaos and Strife

Scha lived in the lower planes, The Dark Realm as it was called. That was, before that day..

It was a normal enough day, nothing overly new to Scha was thrown at him during training. A few new techniques were used against him, but Ragnor guided his spear and nothing would stand in his way, or at least nothing in the training halls. Of course, everyone who trained at those halls knew the rules; "In order to complete your training and be ranted to the title of "destructor" or "strife bringer" one must prove their worth." The exact challenge varied from person to person.

Scha harbored a secret though that would prove his undoing. He wasn't a pureblood - he was only half demon and half human. If the rest found out, he'd be put to death, exiled if he was lucky. He thought however that if he could pass the "test" he wouldn't have to worry, because there aren't many who come back alive, and those that do are respected above all else, no matter their lineage. In fact his mentor for his most recent section of training was a human. But he passed the trials in another place and moved here after being exiled from almost every known settlement in the Prime Material Plane.

The day came when the trainees were ready to endure their trial. Scha and the other trainees ready for thier trial went into the temple. The first three failed miserably, as they each crumbled into dust as their punishment for failure. It was Scha's turn. He stepped up to the altar and waited for a sign. Nothing happened. The priest who tended the shrine looked at Scha menacingly. The room was silent and the air was still. Scha looked up towards the reddened sky of The Dark Realm and waited.

The sky lit up some, and the watchers of the "test" looked up to see what was trying to penetrate the darkness. A red glow turned into a fiery meteor and crashed into the altar. The meteor exploded and destroyed the altar and closest onlookers in a shower of hot rock and metal. Scha was hit full force with the blast and flew across the room into the opposing wall and fell unconcious.

Scha opened his eyes and looked around him. The temple was in ruins and the meteor had stopped smoldering. He
wondered how long he'd be unconcious when he noticed that the training halls were also in smoldering ruins. In fact, every building in sight was only a heap of metal and stone. An immense creature flew overhead and cast it's shadow over him for a moment. He tried to move, but a broken leg and arm stopped him before he could even sit up. He lay there, twisting his head around trying to best see whatever might come and try to devour him alive so that at least he'd see it coming.

Scha then started to pray. "Ragnor, great bringer of chaos and strife. I ask that you aid me in my time of need. I do not know if this is my trial, but I ask that you grant me the strength to go on. If it is my time, then so be it. I fear not death, I embrace it. However I still have something to take care of. I want to at least see where my mother comes from. I want to see what the place she described is like for myself, and hopefully, spread the chaos and strife that is here among those lands so that they know the pain and suffering we know."

Scha waited and watched his surroundings. It was getting darker now, close to night time and the nights were dangerous. Far more ferocious creatures stalked the night than did the day. Then he heard a voice.

"Your request has been granted, but know this, should you fail in the task to be set upon you,you shall spend eternity in damnation for I ensure you that you will suffer for all of eternity in ways you never thought possible. In order to clear your debts to me, I ask that when you arrive in the Prime Material Plane that you return back to The Dark Realm with a Void Crystal as well as the five volumes of The Tomes of Discord. Now go, and bring forth destruction, insanity and chaos in my name..."

The voice dissipated. Scha opened his eyes and was blinded by the bright sun of the Prime Material Plane and quickly shut his eyes again. He waited a few minutes and reopened his eyes, more prepared for the immensely bright light. A voice was heard in the distance. "Brother, why did you have to throw the thing right next to the graveyard?" it called out.

Scha looked next to him. A ball, the size of a tennis ball, lay next to him. He picked it up with his good hand and threw it back in the direction of the voice. Take it he thought to himself, not knowing what the spherical object was and half expecting it to hurt him the instant he touched it. Just over the hill, a girl came into sight. She picked up the ball, threw it back down the hill and then chased after it.

"A graveyard" he thought to himself, "this might be useful. I learned a trick or two that's kept me alive before. Many thanks to you Ragnor."

Scha looked around and behind him was a wall, in front of him the hill. To his right was a small building and a woman standing there next to an undead that seemed to be guarding her. She didn't look like she was paying much attention to her surroundings, as she hadn't yet noticed Scha's broken body laying there on the ground. To his left, a zombie crawled out of the ground and started it's slow dragging movement towards him. Scha waited for the right moment, and just as the zombie came into reach, he turned the undead into submission. He ordered it to find a healing potion, and a few hours later, it came back, potion in hand. Scha drank the potent potion created by the clerics of Asis and was instantly revitalized. His broken bones were healed and he got up. The zombie broke free from Scha's shackles and advanced towards him. With two words, the zombie fell to the ground, still. The magics that animated it no longer held their grasp.

Scha walked to the woman with the guardian. She still paid him no mind, staring off into space. Scha walked up the hill and entered the town....
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