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Flaming Longbows and such...

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Flaming Longbows and such... Empty Flaming Longbows and such...

Post by MannyJabrielle Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:13 pm

Maeglin mentioned to me a curious fact....

There's masterwork longbows and shortbows and such to be found... but there's no special weapons to me made out of them as there are for the masterwork melee weapons.

So, how about ranged versions of the craftable melee weapons? Flaming longbows, acidic shortbows, light crossbows of frost, ect.

Like with the melee weapons such as a flaming longsword, activate the ranged weapon to get the elemental boost. Add temp elemental damage to your arrows, like the melee weapons get temp damage to their attacks.

Another good thing about this too... if it's done as a temp property applied to the arrows, the archer can use whatever arrows they have on hand. If all they have is a stack of plain arrows, they would just get a 1d6 <element> boost. If they had say, arrows of the merciful hunter... they'd get the temp damage on top of the arrows own damage.

In the long run it wouldn't be as effective as a crystaled up everful, as it's only 1 damage type, would have to activate for each stack of arrows most likely... and your arrows could run out... BUT... it could be a VERY useful thing for archers, and another useful thing for craft-feat using casters to make for others (or themselves!)

Or alternatively, you could make the launchers do an unlimited ammo thing when activated... like a quillion's bow spell always at the ready on the launcher (although, that would make the bows still useful for the lower level PCs, but not so much for the higher level ones)
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Flaming Longbows and such... Empty Re: Flaming Longbows and such...

Post by Amethyst347 Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:48 am

As someone who loves playing archers, I gotta agree this would be cool. Flaming Longbows and such... Icon_smile
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