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Post by Rosalee on Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:05 am

There is a young bard named Rosalee...
Who would sing and dance so happily...
But her luck has gone bad...
And now she is sad...
So here is the tale of her tragedy...

Rosalee is a short little halfling bard. While she stands on the stage, in her bright red and yellow dress, and the rose in her
lovely red hair, she looked quite beautiful. With a smile that went from ear to ear, she looked to be the happiest girl around.
However underneath that smile, lies a heart that has been broken. After showing her talents with her lute or violin, and her
lovely singing voice, she tells her story for all to hear.

Her tragic tale began one evening as Rosalee and her mother Rosanna sat by the camp fire. As travelling bards, they occasionally
had to camp by the road for the night. Though there was a cave nearby, the two women prefered their tent to the dampness of the
cave. After eating their meal of cooked meat and some vegetables, they sat and watched the sunset. The sky became bright red and
looked quite beautiful.

Rosanna, who was also a bard, picked up her lute and began to play a song. She played a love ballad to show the love that she felt
for her daughter. Rosalee smiled as she listened to the music. She loved to listen to her mother play, and this song was her
favourite. Her mother had a way a showing her love with her music. The two ladies sang and laughed well into the evening,
oblivious to the many dangers around them.

Eventually Rosanna became tired, and decided it was time to go to bed. As Rosanna stood up, Rosalee could see the fire reflecting
in her mother's eyes. It made her eyes seem to sparkle and glow. Rosalee smiled as her mother said goodnight and then turned and
stepped into the tent. Rosalee turned her gaze away from the tent and back to the fire. Unfortunately she failed to notice the
fire reflecting in another set of eyes hiding in the cave.

Rosalee sat alone and listened to the crackle of the fire. While humming softly to herself, a gentle breeze blew her red hair over
her dark brown eyes. As she brushed it away, she felt the red rose that she usually wore in her hair. She pulled it out and looked
at how beautiful it was. She smiled and set the rose down gently on the ground beside her. Rosalee loved that rose, since it
reminded her of her love for her mother. She smiled to herself and started to sing a song about her mother's love for flowers.
Rosalee sang well into the night as her mother slept in the tent. The night seemed so quiet and peaceful while she sang. She
didn't even hear the knife cutting through the back of the tent.

After an hour of sitting by the fire, Rosalee became tired and decided that she needed to sleep too. She put out the fire and
headed for the tent. She opened the door and went inside. It was dark, but Rosalee could see that her mother was asleep. She
yawned and then curled up beside her mother and fell asleep.

Rosalee woke the next morning to the buzzing of insects. As she raised her head, a small rat scurried out the partly open door of
the tent. As Rosalee sat up and looked around, she noticed that it was already mid morning, and her mother was still asleep.
Rosalee sensed something was wrong, since her mother never slept on her stomach and she was always up at sunrise. She gave her
mother a gentle nudge to wake her, but she did not stir. She tried pushing a little harder, but still she didn't wake. Rosalee
grew very worried, and her eyes started to tear. She tried one more time to shake her with all her strength, but still her mother
did not wake.

By now Rosalee was crying, as she looked at her mother, who still seemed to be asleep. She then put her arms underneath, and
rolled her mother onto her back. Rosalee then noticed that her own hands were covered in blood. She looked at her mother, and then
screamed in horror at what she saw. Rosanna's eyes were wide open and staring up at the top of the tent. Her throat had been cut
open with a knife, and then partially eaten by the rat, and she was bloody all over. Rosalee sat there in shock, as she realized
that her mother was dead.

Rosalee just sat there with tears running down her cheeks. What had she done to deserve this? Who could be so mean to do this to
her? Rosalee wanted nothing more than to die, so that she could be back with her mother. She looked around the tent for something
she could use to take her own life. Rosalee then spotted her mother's daggers by the wall of the tent. She picked up one of the
daggers and then sat back down beside her mother's body. She grasped the hilt with both hands, and then put the tip of the blade
to her chest. Rosalee said a prayer to her goddess Jewel, and then prepared to thrust the blade into her heart.

Long minutes passed, and still Rosalee sat there with the blade to her chest. The tears running down her cheeks, fell onto her
hands, which were now trembling. As Rosalee sat there, she realized that she didn't have the will to take her own life. She cursed
her lack of courage, and threw the dagger against the wall of the tent. The dagger fell on the floor where Rosalee usually kept
her purse. Her rose coloured purse that was decorated with pictures of pretty flowers. Then Rosalee noticed that the purse wasn't
there. Whoever had killed her mother had also stolen all of their gold.

Rosalee sat there and wondered why the killer had not just taken the purse and run. Why did he or she have to kill her mother too?
Rosalee felt that it just wasn't fair, and she started to cry again. She cried and cried until she could cry no more, and then she
stood up and walked out of the tent. Rosalee looked around the tent for clues, but she found nothing except for the hole in the
tent. She looked at the cave, and realized that the killer had probably gone in there. Rosalee was too scared to go in the cave,
so she turned away. She knew she could come back when she had more experience in fighting.

By around midday, Rosalee realized she would have to bury her mother's body. She looked around for a good spot, and then she took
her shovel and started digging. She needed to dig very deep, to keep the predators from digging up the body. By midafternoon she
was done digging her mother's grave. Since Rosalee was very weak and tired from digging, it took her almost an hour to drag her
mother's body into the grave. Rosalee said a prayer to her goddess Jewel, and then she crossed her mother's arms. On her mother's chest,
she placed the red rose that she usually wore in her hair. She said a final prayer to Jewel, and then she started crying again.

Rosalee then began the long and arduous task of covering the body with dirt. Her tears mixed in with the dirt as she shoveled. The
sun was just beginning to set, when she was finally done. She was exhausted from the work and from not having eaten any food all
day. She was so tired, she wanted to lie down on top of the grave, and go to sleep. She didn't even care if anything attacked her
during the night. Within minutes, she was fast asleep.

Rosalee awoke the next morning, and had not been harmed during the night. She was a little sore from having slept on the hard
ground. After stretching a little to ease her sore muscles, Rosalee ate a quick breakfast. Now that she felt a little better, she
realized that she still had one more thing to do.

Rosalee looked for a large rock to use as a gravestone. She found a large flat rock, and dragged it to where she had buried her
mother. She stood the rock up on end and packed it into the dirt to keep it upright. Using some of her clothing dye, she began to
write on the stone.

You will forever
remain in my heart.
Your loving daughter,

Tears were running down her cheeks, as she wrote the words. Then she took some red dye, and drew a picture of a rose at the
bottom. By the time she was done, her eyes were so full of tears that she could barely see. She cried for a few minutes, and then
she stood up and wiped her eyes. She looked around for some flowers to pick, and then placed them on her mother's grave. After
saying a final goodbye, she walked away.

Rosalee returned to the tent to get some supplies before leaving. She needed the daggers for protection, and a few other things to
survive on the road. As she reached down to pick up the dagger that she had thrown, she noticed something shiny on the ground near
the hole in the tent. She picked it up and saw that it was a coin. After close examination, she realized that it was a drow coin.
Her mother had been killed by a drow. That explained why the killer had murdered her mother, and not just taken the gold and run.
The drow were a bloodthirsty race, and they killed for pleasure. Rosalee threw down the coin in disgust, picked up her gear, and
left the tent. She never stopped walking until she reached the nearest town.

Now that she was alone, Rosalee sang on street corners to survive. The passersby would throw some coins to her as they walked by.
Eventually she started singing in the taverns and became more popular. She later started telling the tale of the tragic death of
her mother. As Rosalee told her story, she tried her best to smile, but she was filled with sorrow on the inside. She always had
tears in her eyes, by the time she finished speaking. The tavern patrons soon called her the crying bard.

Once Rosalee was better able to survive, she started traveling to far away places again. Eventually she reached a small village
named Valorian Vale. Rosalee was glad to meet some new people, and hoped to begin her life anew. She still enjoyed playing her
lute, and telling her story to the patrons of the Sleeping Dragon Inn. She also began training with her mother's daggers, in the
hope that one day, she could give her story a happy ending.

A poor little bard named Rosalee...
Who travelled the lands from sea to sea...
With her head held high...
She tried not to cry...
As she sang of her life and her fantasy...

As Rosalee lay herself down to sleep at the Sleeping Dragon Inn, she hoped that her troubled past was now just a memory, and that
her future would bring her happiness. However from a small hole at the base of the wall, a tiny pair of eyes sat watching....

// I hope you all liked my story. Perhaps more to come, as Rosalee continues her search for happiness in the World of Aenea.

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Player with Too Much Time

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Post by daveyeisley on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:22 pm

Nicely written! Smile
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Rosalee Empty Re: Rosalee

Post by Rosalee on Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:39 am

Thank you daveyeisley. I have always liked writing sad stories.

I feel that having a background story helps me to care more for my character.

Just writing her story made my eyes tear. lol

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Player with Too Much Time
Player with Too Much Time

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Post by Rosalee on Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:24 am

The Ballad of Rosalee

(This is the song I put in my house)
(Lyrics written by Rosalee)

There was a bard named Rosalee.
Whose life seemed like magic.
And though she sang so happily.
Her past was quite tragic.

Her mom was killed late in the night.
By a drow that had fled.
When she woke it gave her a fright.
To see her mom was dead.

She tried to forget this bad curse.
Because it made her cry.
Her mom was killed just for her purse.
She would ask herself why.

Through the years she tried to survive.
Singing her songs for gold.
She felt sad and barely alive.
How could fate be so cold.

And then she went from town to town.
Wherever she could roam.
There was no place to settle down.
Because she had no home.

And then one night she found an inn.
'Twas the Sleeping Dragon.
A friendly face gave her a grin.
And offered a flagon.

The people there were very sweet.
In each and every way.
There were two guys that she did meet.
Named Crideas and Jay.

And as she slept alone one night.
A mouse came from the wall.
A nasty bite gave her a fright.
And then it made her fall.

When she awoke upon the floor.
She felt so very strange.
And when she tried to reach the door.
She felt her body change.

When Rosalee had lived before.
She wasn't very tall.
But her old life would be no more.
Now she was very small.

And then one day she knew somehow.
Her time had finally come.
She was ready to find the drow.
The one who killed her mom.

She searched the lands from far and wide.
Hoping to find the drow.
She tried to look where he would hide.
She would find him somehow.

When it seemed that all hope was done.
She had found him one day.
He waved his sword to make her run.
But she would make him pay.

She heard him say he killed a bard.
That would be her mother.
She drew her blades and battled hard.
They went at each other.

The battle was long and well fought.
They both began to tire.
She was strong and very well taught.
Her eyes burned with fire.

She pushed him hard to make him fall.
Then kicked him in the head.
She stabbed him once and that was all.
The wicked drow was dead.

The fight was done and she had won.
She thought she would be glad.
But even though her deed was done.
She still felt kind of sad.

She had nowhere to go from here.
No place to call her own.
She had no one to call her dear.
She was so all alone.

She looked around to find her purse.
But it would not be found.
She told herself it could be worse.
And left without a sound.

And so she went back to the Vale.
To find herself a place.
The lady dwarf said very well.
You have a pretty face.

She said again you look so sad.
And that just cannot be.
There is a house that can be had.
But it would not be free.

Her house was built inside a tree.
A lovely place to start.
It made her happy as can be.
And fixed her broken heart.

Made her feel like sunny weather.
To have a house so nice.
With new friends of fur and feather.
And lovely little mice.

The people made her happy too.
She wanted them to know.
There still was one thing more to do.
To give them all a show.

She sang again for all to hear.
The first time in a while.
And when the folks gave her a cheer.
She gave them a big smile.

And from her eyes came tears of joy.
It was a pretty sight.
She gave her thanks to girl and boy.
And then she said goodnight.
Player with Too Much Time
Player with Too Much Time

Female Number of posts : 98
Age : 61
Location : Ontario, Canada
Main Character : Rosalee
Other Character : Jenny Rose
Other Character. : Daisy
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