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Post by buddha5442a on Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:05 pm

Born from her mother's brutal rape during a drow raid- Arianna was ostracized at a very young age. Barely surviving on her own in the untamed wilds, she happened upon a chance encounter with a blind druid ( NOT Mooshie, he was a ranger, remember?) who took her in and agreed to teach her the ways of the natural world. Although never sure if he knew of her heritage, she assumed he must have due to his amazing perception of everything around him. After spending years under his tutelage and learning all he could teach her, she bid him a fond farewell and left his company to journey on her own (with the exception of her faithful companion Gwynneth) once again. This time with much more confidence and optimism. Her journeys thus far have led her here...today.
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Player with Too Much Time

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