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Scribes Wanted

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Scribes Wanted Empty Scribes Wanted

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:20 am

Based on a suggestion posted by Eric of Atrophy:

Wanted: Scribes and Authors

Aenea does have a good variety of (non-magical) books that can be found on various shelves and shops around the lands, but after a while some of the same ones keep appearing. What we could use are some new books with descriptions to add to the lore of the land. I've got ones already that are a little bit humorous, so some more serious (if completely mundane) books are in order.

If you'd like to contribute, it can be done easily, with no toolset work required!

Just email or PM me with:
Title: This is what will appear when moused over in inventory.
Description: This is an excerpt or summary of what's actually in the book. I don't expect PCs to sit and read actual books in-game, these are just some variety.
Extra: If you include your username or forum username, I can make a list of contributing authors for someplace in-game.

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Scribes Wanted Empty Re: Scribes Wanted

Post by RustyDios Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:55 pm

How about converting some of the stuff here and here into in-game books ? ...

.. The title would be the Thread Title ... the description being the main/original post (or summary there of)// collection of book series (eg Crid's notes case) ...
The "author of that copy of the book" would be the original poster ....
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Scribes Wanted Empty Re: Scribes Wanted

Post by Sophiastra Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:42 am

While I generally agree with the notion that PCs will not actually take the time to read books in game. If the content is reasonably useful, I believe they actually might. For instance, this
is an excellent resource for in game information.

I also think that the bio's or a modified form of them of some of Aenea's famous (or infamous) residents would be nice to see. Some of the MJ's A-team might be on that list, or a few of Rusty's tribe. Perhaps a book for each of the gods. My character, Ragrigrin the Mongoose, carries around every Torgat related book he can find...even though he can barely read. I would be willing to author some of these (or convert already existing content into a more game-book friendly format), but at the moment I am writing an Aenea inspired short story, which is eating up most of my time.

P.S. - I will be posting the above mentioned short story on the forums when it is complete. I welcome all of your critiques.
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