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Glitterdust Tweak

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Glitterdust Tweak Empty Glitterdust Tweak

Post by MannyJabrielle Tue May 03, 2011 2:50 am

Glitterdust is a great spell in PnP. The Aenean version's not nearly as good however.

PnP, glitterdust is a level lower (2nd level spell), purges invisibility, causes blindness, and imposes a -40 to hide checks. The will save only removes the blindness.

In Aenea, glitterdust is a 3rd level spell, purges invisibility and negates concealment (from magical sources only, innate concealment such as from the SC feats can't be touched), no blindess, and imposes a -20 hide check... the will save negates everything.

Suggestion would be to keep it a 3rd level spell, but make it party friendly, add in the blindness, and have the will save negate the blindness only. Make the invisibility/concealment negation automatic.

In comparison to other spells on Aenea, this would still be balanced:

Faerie Fire (1st level druid spell) also automatically negates concealment, although it has no invisbility purging or blindess (as well since it's two spell levels lower!)

Invisibility Purge (3rd level cleric spell) has a MUCH greater AoE, and no save, no SR check either. It has no blindness aspect to it, but is also not party friendly AFAIK.

Tweaking glitterdust as suggested above will still keep it relatively in-line with other spells of similar, or even lower level, and make it far more like the PnP spell.
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Glitterdust Tweak Empty Re: Glitterdust Tweak

Post by daveyeisley Tue May 03, 2011 9:16 am

Excellent points. The spell has a lot of potential, but the current mechanics are unattractive. These tweaks would make it awesome Smile
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