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The Galenodol Biograpies

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The Galenodol Biograpies Empty The Galenodol Biograpies

Post by plane_abe on Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:06 pm

Part 1:
The Galenodol family is widely spread out across Aenea. The first of the Galenodols to come to Aenea is Ivellios. Ivellios had an exceptionally successful childhood. In his small village located in the southwestern forest of Hasruck, right by the coast, his heroics were often sang by the local bards. Although many elven heroes often rose in Hasruck, he was particularly famous in that part of Hasruck because of how young he was when he first became a "hero". From the day he was born, he was marked to become a great hero. His childhood was seemingly perfect, until, when he was 75 years in human terms, goblins invaded the village and enslaved all of the elves, including Ivellios...
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