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Journal of a Madman

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Journal of a Madman Empty Journal of a Madman

Post by zamual05 Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:01 am

You find a journal bound in various pieces of cloth and leather hastily stitched together. Inside are various entries from one Amilyn Dusk as well as several barely recognizable drawings. His handwriting makes it clear that he wrote quickly and furiously at all times. The first entry is as follows...

His voice led me hear, this inn, this hour. Why?! Why does he make me follow him? Why does no one else?! No matter, will have to make them. If what He says is true I can find some to help me spread Him to others. He says I should find a dwarfy godly worshiper and a half-blooded stick slinger. Should be fun, from what He says anyway. Will have to wait here for awhile, will watch and wait for these two. He says not to cause any scenes while here. So hard to do so hard to do.

The rest of the page is filled with random drawings of various patrons of the Sleeping Dragon Inn with spirals instead of eyes. You turn to the next page...

FOUND THEM! The dwarfy and stick slinger! HURRAY! Bout time too, was getting antsy. Managed to charm them. He was right and they bought it! I don't know why I doubt Him. We set out to find work. I don't get that. Why get paid? What can you do with it? It is shiny. Okay, think I understand now. The dwarfy found a job for us and we went to go deal with some aunts. Talked with the farmer there, he is missing his daughter. I don't know why, but the dwarfy said we'd find her. No promises of the shiny bits either. Dwarfies are weird.

Went into the farmer's barn and found the aunties! Aunts are no fun, can't seem to make them hear Him. So I bolted them instead. Worked well. The stick slinger fell down a hole in the barn revealing a much bigger group of aunties. We even found a super aunt! The dwarfy almost died too, but He says I need them, so I didn't let it happen. Makes me sad.

After leaving the aunties' home the dwarf said we needed to find the farmer's daughter and that he had an idea where to go. Ach! So, barely hiding my frown we set off. Stumbled into a greeny cave. Greenies, unlike the party-pooping aunties, seem to love to hear Him. Several were so overjoyed to hear what I hear that they up and died. Hurray! Many greenies in and we could tell we were getting close to the daughter of the farmer. The stick slinger said he could hear her sobs in the next room so he and the dwarfy burst in swinging and slinging. Then the best thing I have witnessed in a long while happened. The stick slinger slung a stick into the girls heart! I could hardly control myself. Marvelous! Simply marvelous! The look on the dwarfy's and stick slingers's faces were amazing. The dwarfy even swung at the stick slinger a few times before cooling off! He was right! I am going to like these two.

The page ends with a crude drawing of what looks like a young girl smiling but with X's for eyes. You also see an arrow sticking out of her chest.

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Journal of a Madman Empty Re: Journal of a Madman

Post by plane_abe Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:02 pm

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