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Post by Belarric on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:38 pm

Part One: The Beginning

If anybody was looking, a faint glimmer of light would have been seen through the trees but this was so deep in the Nektarian forest only the wild animals spotted it and they slowly went towards the light to see what was invading their space.

A pool of water glimmered in the moonlight and by its side a small campfire flickered. A man sat with his back to a large rock, trying to read by the moonlight. Raiden was a warrior monk who spent his free time reading from some old scrolls he always carried with him. Raiden wore dark clothes with a purple trim and what seemed to be a black cloak wrapped around his shoulders. About 1.8m tall, broad of shoulder and deep of chest, his muscles rippled as he tended the fire, causing his black and purple caste markings to seemingly writhe like snakes.

Raiden gave a sigh and leaned back against a nearby rock, stretching. He looked up at the stars and wondered where his life was going.

He remembered his early life at the dojo, sweeping the floors and watching the monk’s train, whenever he could. His parents had been killed while on a mission to visit the Elven Temple of the Rising Dawn and the monks there had taken him in as a young 5 year old. Some of the trainee monks were vicious and didn’t like (the human) being there and so made his life a misery, always striking at him until one day a sensei saw this and decided to help and train the odd human orphan.

By the time he was 17, Raiden was an accomplished fighter. Not overally intelligent, he remembered being sent to the temple archives, deep underground to help an old monk there. During his visits and the monks ramblings about how some fighting arts seemed to have been forgotten the monk took him to the lowest depths. Here he was shown some old scrolls, almost falling apart with age explaining and showing how a distant order of monks fought in an unarmed style called “MAU”.

What a font of knowledge those scrolls had been, showing old fighting arts long forgotten with time and they seemed to open his mind. During a demonstration he had used these skills and beaten the senior trainer. Fearing repercussions from the other elves and pleased with Raidens progress and skill, the master decided to give Raiden the black markings of a Rising Dawn adept and sent him into the world to develop his skills. He gave him instructions to a remote “Dojo” for him to go to when he realised he needed further training.

A wind suddenly whistled through the glen, causing the fire to flicker. His concentration broken, Raiden leans forward and banks the fire to flare up, sending a wave of heat to wash across him. Time for sleep he thought, his mind can wander another time. The figure pulls his cloak around himself and hunkers down by the fire…………
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