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Thri-kreen bug report(pun intended :P)

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Thri-kreen bug report(pun intended :P) Empty Thri-kreen bug report(pun intended :P)

Post by Kefrem Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:43 am

ok heres the situation....postin this for ad to pass on to the modeller of our kreen.

Heres what locks the model animations

1.2-hand weapons(any) staves...mage staves,claymores,greatswords and so on...every single one.
3.60% of the emotes.
4.resting puts it into the lock pose....but unlocks it upon completion of rest(not to big of a deal but im postin it anyway)
5.ranged bow weapons lock the character model fora moment till he stops throwing...thrown weapons. shuriken and the like work fine but dont show.

I'll continue to post em as i find them(if i find em) but so far thats bout it.

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Pureblooded Aenean

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