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Shannon Elish - an experimental life-form

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Shannon Elish - an experimental life-form Empty Shannon Elish - an experimental life-form

Post by Lasombra on Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:13 am

Shannon Elish was born to the material world through a binding ritual performed by Amaterasu, who was the creator of her body and initial psyche - "thought it into existence", so to speak. With time, Shannon has gained enough experience to define herself in a more preferable way, gaining more independence. She sees life as a joyous adventure and remains strongly in touch with her spiritual nature - despite enjoying some negative activities, such as fighting, which she views as funny and exciting. She based her name and fighting style on a clan(Elish) which exists in one of the realms visited by Amaterasu, to whose mind's she had full access to as an immaterial being.

Now for the story of birth:

From pure void, there came consciousness. Unnamed, formless and timeless. Empty.

Change came. With no change, change couldn't exist. It creates itself. Only now.
Sense of space. Duality. Diffrence. Measure.
A spark of light. Another. Another. And another... intertwining, dancing, flowing, forming constantly, outlining.
Curiosity. Exploration. Definition. Communication. Question. Answer. Similarity. Agreement.

Bright light.

Thought. Wonder. Thought. Definition. Thought. Fading...

"Life... What life? What is this? How is this here? Being born is such a strange experience..." she thought. "A thought. How odd. I am thinking! How? Why?".

Light faded, leaving only darkness.

"Pain... again... and again... and again... Is this what life is?"


"Ah, you're here."
"I... am where?"
"On the verge of materializing. As per agreement."
"Agreement... yes."
"I am done defining your initial qualities. Whenever you're ready..."

She opened her eyes, only to see a bright light. A blurred, vibrating silhouette started to show, gaining more and more solidity.

"Welcome! Welcome to the material world, Shannon." - the person smiled. "The binding ritual is complete. You do not need my assistance for now. Take your time and assimilate as much as you are ready to, and I shall see you later."
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