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Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise

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Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise Empty Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise

Post by Angel of Death Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:10 am

Creating this thread and moves my suggestion from the bug report out of the bug report...

This is more of a suggestion really, but I don't think commoners' should recognize and shout of demeaning/heroic cheers of the PC when they are disguised and they perceive them walking down the street. Seems really odd they would recognize them while disguised as some monstrosity...running screaming away should be the first thing on their mind, but a neutral stance/complete ignorance and/or turn walking in a different direction than, say, that mindflayer or medusa they just saw. Razz
^ Same could probably be said about druids in wild- and elemental form and shifters, as well as spellcasters using various spells, such as polymorph self & Shapechange, for that matter...

Another idea (and a benefit for vampire PCs): If they use this hood and are in a disguise. Maybe have them go undetected by that pesty undead hunter union (silver stalkers)? king
I know there's such spells a detect undead, but I doubt undead hunters go around casting it 24/7...and it actually take a bit of time casting that spell (not to mention it's a cone-like shape, so vampires would still have an option to dodge it by moving out of the way).
It would help also give a (much appreciated) help for low level vampires to survive an encounter with them, or at least give them another option than run like hell was in their tail.
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Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise Empty Re: Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise

Post by MannyJabrielle Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:47 am

I noticed that too... Alex strolls through a town in dragonshape... commoners cheer him on. One day they'll be cheering and that dragon isn't going to be their happy-go-lucky wolfblood shifter friend Laughing
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Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise Empty Re: Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:05 pm

Next module update, commoners and silver stalkers won't recognize PCs using a hat of disguise or polymorph/shapechange.

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Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise Empty Re: Partially Used: Idea: Hood of Disguise

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