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Custom Content Challenge Empty Custom Content Challenge

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:08 am

The Custom Content Challenge has been going on every month since August 2010, producing a huge variety of models, scripts, sounds, portraits, prefabricated items/NPCs/areas/etc. and more that are free and open to use by Neverwinter Nights module builders.

If you are a content maker or even a builder just cracking open the Aurora toolset for the first time this week, you are welcome to join in and create something new for the community. Each month we start over with a new theme. Community members both produce new works and offer advice and feedback on everyone's work...beginners are definitely welcome.

The CCC is NOT a competition...it's simply a challenge to come up with something new for this awesome game. Custom content is a big part of what keeps the game alive after all these years. We make new stuff so module builders have new stuff to use.

For those that may have missed some of the earlier challenge content, it's all still available. I have a page on the community site dedicated to the CCC, and it lists and links to every single theme since the beginning.


If anyone here has any interest in making something new for the game, even if you don't have experience making models, scripting, etc....feel free to join in and try it out.  All you really need to participate is an account at the BioWare NWN forum (so you can post messages, ask questions, etc.)...the toolset also comes in handy.

Many players here have designed custom items or houses for their character with the toolset...you have enough know-how to design items, creatures, areas, etc. (aka, "prefabs").  Smile  You could tell interesting stories though in-game books, or design a sword with an interesting backstory, or even just make a ton of clothing sets if there's a "walk in closet" or "merchant" theme.  Or create a convincing ship interior area.  Or design a village full of different goblins.  So many possibilities without even venturing into image editing, scripting/coding, or 3D model making...just start the toolset, start a new, empty module, and go wild!

Of course, if one had an interest in starting to make models for the game, or to take a stab at scripting a new spell, there's a lot of experienced content makers (myself included) that can offer advice and instruction on how to do specific things.  Total "noobs" are welcome to join in...the more the merrier!

Yes, I am recruiting, trying to get more people involved in the CCC.  But y'all are just so dang creative...and I do often pull things from the CCC to add to Aenea. :DThis month's theme is "Arcane Space" (aka, Spelljammer).  Next month's theme is still being voted on.

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