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Not Used: PIEs suggestions

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Not Used: PIEs suggestions Empty Not Used: PIEs suggestions

Post by MannyJabrielle Fri Jan 10, 2014 10:25 pm

In revamping the craft books, I was looking over the various magical enchanting lists....

Some suggestions for current items (to remove the incredible bias towards sorc/wizard crafters over cleric/bard/druid), and new items to add in....

Rings of protection +1/+5:  Add Shield of Faith as an alternate required spell to allow clerics to craft protective goodies too.

Bracers of armor +1/+8:  Change this required spell to Magic Armor instead of Mage armor.  Magic armor is in both arcane and divine spell lists, and would allow clerics, druids and bards to likewise craft these protective goodies.

Flaming weapons: Add Darkfire and flame blade as alternate required spells, to allow clerics and druids respectively to craft flaming weapons.  Likewise, add thunderblade as an alternate required spell for shocking weapons for druids to get in on weapon crafting.

New items:

Ring of Magical defenses... required spell: Spell resistance and dispel magic.

Everfull quivers/cases/bags: Greater Magic Weapon, Caster Level 15.

Farlen's Bluefish ring: Heal light wounds.

Lesser ring of power: Endure elements, Freedom, regenerate.  Caster leverl 12

Ring of power: Endure elements, freedom, regenerate.  Caster level 18

Bloodring: Vampiric Touch, subrace: Vampire

Bonering: Shadowshield

Ring of Night's final rest: Owl's wisdom, negative energy protection, caster level 15

Bags of Holding: Same caster level requirement as belts of many pouches (15? 12?)

Ring of fortitude +1/+6: Bear's endurance, resistance, variable caster level based on +#

Amulet of Will +1/+6: Owl's wisdom, resistance, variable caster level based on +#

Boots of reflexes (Are these even in Aenea? If not, would be nice to have a reflex save booster to go along with the fort rings and will amulets):  Cat's grace, resistance, variable caster level based on +#

Golden circlet of mental purity: Mindblank, caster level XX

Eyes of petrification: Flesh to stone

Elf Wizard's clothing: Mindblank, Wizard 18, Race: Elf

Elf Sorcerer's clothing: Mindblank, Sorc 18, Race: Elf

Robe of the Faithful: Cleric/Druid level 15

Staff of Teleportation: Wiz/Sorc caster level 15, teleport, transference, summon ally, magehound OR Farstep Master 7.

Withering Staff: Palemaster level 15+, animate dead spell.

Staff of Steps I-IX: Caster level dependant on staff level

Staff of the Transmuter/Evoker/Ect:  Caster level 18, relevant spell school focus feat.

Staff of Empowerment/persistance/ect: Cater level 18, relevant metamagic feat (not sure what should be used for that one oddball metamagic expansion staff with no corresponding metamagic feat)
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Not Used: PIEs suggestions Empty Re: Not Used: PIEs suggestions

Post by Eric of Atrophy Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:51 am

MannyJabrielle wrote:Farlen's Bluefish ring: Heal light wounds.
And a fish. Don't forget the fish.
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