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Minor 2DA tweak: Elf Helmet Sizes

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Minor 2DA tweak: Elf Helmet Sizes Empty Minor 2DA tweak: Elf Helmet Sizes

Post by MannyJabrielle Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:34 pm

If you equip a helmet on an elf PC/NPC, one thing you may notice is the helmet seems a little big.  This is because the appearance 2da tweaks the helmet scaling (much like weapon scaling) for each race, but while the elf helmets are scaled down, they're not scaled down *enough*.  The default ratios are .85 for male elves, and .8 for female elves.  While not as "big" as human helmets, those ratios are still a little too large for elves.

If the values were tweaked down just a tiny bit more (.8 and .75 respectively, maybe even .75/.7), the helmets would "fit" the elf phenotype a great deal better.

In the appearance.2da, the helmet scale columns are between tail scale, and moverate columns Smile
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