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Derik Aerlias

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Derik Aerlias Empty Derik Aerlias

Post by __Ua__ on Mon Dec 08, 2008 7:58 am

Name: Derik Aerlias
Companion: Glor
Nationality: Beuttlerian
Class: Ranger
Combat Role: Glass Canon/Crowd Control
Weapon: Sonic Blade
Sanity: nill

My name is Derik Aerlias second-in-command of the Beuttlerian scouting
party in Aenea. I am often found roaming the world of Aenea with my
companion Glor and/or my commander Derfel Cadarn. Besides the obvious
facts about me (my lack of sanity and tendensy to kill as many things
as possible) I am a former sailor in the Beuttlerian Navy ,but was
transfered to Derfel's unit when a sailor was needed to navigate his
ship to our new home of Aenea. I'm not a very complicated person and
some have stated that the only creature less complex then me is my wolf
Glor (who tends to just attack anything the threatens me....sorry
Crideas Bane). I enjoy raiding the shores of Aenea and dipping into
crypts, tombs and caves every now and then ,but I very much prefer to
stay away from lava infested areas because of the lack of moister and
cold. While from the outside I may seem like a psychotic human grenade
I'm actually (to many people's surprise) very intelegent. I personaly
designed my Sonic Blade and am now currently working on the palnes for
a Beuttlerian Fort so that we Beuttlerians may have a home to stay in
instead of sleeping at the inn every night. If you ever want to go
hunting with the Beuttlerians or have a new and more exciting place for
us to to explore just let me know.
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