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Vjorn Horstman

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Vjorn Horstman Empty Vjorn Horstman

Post by Kefrem on Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:33 pm

Vjorn Horstman

Vjorn Horstman was born to a powerful family in the city of macedone. His father was an important general, and the Horstman
family enjoyed a confortable lifestyle. As ayoung man, he received an excellent education but also learned to hold the lower classes in contempt.

In school, Horstman devoured all courses related to science and medicine but held all others in disdain. He showed great promise,
his keen mind being tempered by cunning insight and schrewd judgment. To a man, however, his instructors felt that he was utterly lacking in compassion or kindness. his cold disposition frightened them, but fear of his powerful father kept them from challenging the lad.

When his schooling was complete, Horstman was immediately given a position with Macedone's Ministry of Science. For the first few years, his work was of only passing interest or importance. He longed for more however, and pursued his own studies in the dead of night. It was during this time that Horstman first became interested in the study of lycanthropy.

A series of unusually brutal killings were taking place withing the rarefied circle of the nobility. Although Horstman was not assigned to look into the matter, he did so on his own. While the Royal Guard failed to apprehend the killer, Horstman tracked her down. He discovered that a minor serving girl in one of the noble houses had become infected with the dread disease.

Under Horstman's guidance, the girl was captured and the killings ended. While most assumed that the young scientist had seen to the destruction of the woman, this was in fact not the case. Instead he had sealed her up in a hidden chamber of his private laboratory. Over the course of the next few months, he conducted horrific experiments on the captive lycanthrope.

As the years passed, Horstman continued to pursue this field of study. He captured, studied and eventually dissected numerous werebeasts and it was during this time he contracted lycanthropy from a captured werewolf. At the same time, his position within the government improved until-shortly before his thirty fifth birthday-he was appointed Macedone's Minister of Science. He holds this post still, using its power to conduct horrific experiments upon criminals, political prisoners, and anyone else who runs afould of Macedone's Ruler.

Horstman's greatest invention is the primal serum. this fluid is very thin, even thinner then water, yet somehow oily to the touch. The secret of its creation is known only to Horstman, and is keyed to his physiology so that none other can dare use it without dying.

Primal serum comes in a variety of formulas, each of which transforms its user into a creature/animal of that type for a short time...some longer...others very short yet very powerful. To date, Horstman has been able to brew a serum for wolf, panther, and several others yet his latests and to him his best is the serum which releases his inner beast. When imbibed it transforms Horstman into beastly giant with a cunning of a mad fighter and cruelty to match.
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