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Back for a short time...

Post by Anthroplayer on Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:07 am

Yeah, was paying attention far too much to other games and similar stuff...
Amongst those games included various versions of DawnOfWar and Pokemon.
I also have been playing alot of my old Harvest Moons and Guitar Hero games.

There were several family events that happenned too.
In case nobody knows why I am hardly ever available weekends is because every weekend is essentially a family gathering.
My brother comes home from college, and my mom's boyfriend and his son from college comes over too, along with others to be named.

Your liable to see me online less every weekend, both with NWN1 & 2, as well as with anything that isn't a console game that I play with my family and friends and their friends... so... well, nice that its monday, I got up extra early specifically to play on Aenea and visit everyone and stuff.
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