A Message, Scrawled on an unidentifiable hide, in a rust red ink. -Inn of the Sleeping Dragon-

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A Message, Scrawled on an unidentifiable hide, in a rust red ink. -Inn of the Sleeping Dragon-

Post by Sophiastra on Sun May 29, 2011 10:56 pm

Greetings Do-Gooders,

Have you ever wished to fight "fire" with "fire", but lacked the moral 'flexibility' to do so?

Then listen momentarily to the observations of a new "soul" in your little corner of the cosmos...
...The most righteous among you strive to enter, explore and lay waste to the environs of what you call the Dark Realm, or something akin to what I call hell...Acheron. In this we share a common interest, the conquest/subjugation/extermination (as necessary) of the denizens of the Dark Realm. Therefore, I, a new "soul" in your world, would like to initiate an alliance with any who wish to weaken the wicked who reside in the Dark Realm. I offer the strength of once-godly might to smite the demonic scourge who wait with eager, slavering fangs to inflict suffering upon the innocent. In exchange I ask only that you share your knowledge of the Dark Realm, and that you forgive the methods that I employ. Alternatively, for those of with more stringent moral regimens, I offer a temporary truce, followed by...release. Educate me to the extent of the Dark Realm...the FULL extent, an I will offer you the opportunity to best me in single combat. If you should win, I swear by my former divinity and my aspiration for power that I shall never again defile or defame the altar or name of your chosen 'god'. Should I win, then I will command your support, not as a petitioner, but as a begrudging ally in my bid for divinity.

Those who are interested, please find me. I am not hidden, but bold and glorious as the sun.
Baelphegor al Moabi, Soulbreaker Prime of Ragnor. Once: Lord of the Sun, god amongst gods, slayer of Death, scourge of the three kings, lord of the flies.
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Re: A Message, Scrawled on an unidentifiable hide, in a rust red ink. -Inn of the Sleeping Dragon-

Post by daveyeisley on Mon May 30, 2011 3:51 am

*As one looks upon the scrawled message, there appears just below it, a faint glimmer of glowing blue magical script*

I would be more than happy to educate you on that topic. As well, I would very much like to secure protection for the Altars of Lady Lysis from defilement at your hands. I do enjoy a challenge. Hopefully Lady Mystara will have corrected some inconsistencies in the Flow by the time we undertake our endeavor. I don't relish the notion of engaging in combat with my spells non-functional.... as many of them currently are, unfortunately.

~Crideas Bane
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