Tradeskill bug: Skill gain/skill levels (multiple tradeskills)

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Tradeskill bug: Skill gain/skill levels (multiple tradeskills)

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:33 am

There seems to be some wonkyness with the skill levels.

All my characters have an oddity where they can only train their skill up to 99%.  The skills will NOT top out to 100%.  Yes, I do realize that the +1% gain is a random thing, but this is consistent.

Example. Agamemnon dumped a few thousand GP into a crafting anvil, first interaction with the metallurgy tradeskill.  Spammed away making copper rings.  Every few seconds (about every 10 to 15 rings made), he would gain 1% all the way up to 99%.  After that, nothing.  Successfully crafted 5 pages full of copper rings.... 5 rings per stack, 35 stacks per page... that's nearly 900 rings successfully crafted.

Same goes for the other skills.... tailoring, runemaking, ect.  And it's on several of my PCs.  It's only 1%, but still Smile

Now, for the other side of the wonkyness.... my gnome Aga started with +17% skill on a few of the tradeskills without doing a single bit of work.... weapon smithing, armor smithing, and I think two others.  I believe that the "free skill points" are from his craft weapon/craft armor skills as is intended?  The bug there is.... while the green floating & combat log text stated +XX% between 1% and 99%, his "info skills" command shows the skills as higher than the skill gained text.  His armor making skill is at last check 145%, his weaponsmithing at 106%.  Not sure if that's good, intended, or wonky.

Now, with the *weaponsmithing* skill gains he got this morning crafting his 1 bullet at a time ( Razz see other bug thread), the green floaty text only came up twice.  First skill gain reported as him being at +1% (from his starting point of +17% in the "info skills" vc command, and then the next green floaty/combat log text stated +46%.... then a third at 87%, and then no further skill gained messages, despite crafting up close to 10 stacks of bullets (at 1 bullet per bar times 99 bullets per stack Razz )

Just general wonkyness Razz
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