Ranger Paragon Feat

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Ranger Paragon Feat

Post by MannyJabrielle on Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:56 am

The dire bears summoned by the ranger paragon feat are not in the ranger's party, so what they kill, the ranger doesn't get XP for.  It can be very likely as well that a stray AoE effect will cause the dire bears to go hostile on the ranger that summoned them, a behavior that a PC does NOT get with other summoned creatures, who would be damaged/affected by the AoE, but not turn around and bite their summoner's head off.

Also, the homepage description says that 1 bear is summoned for every enemy in the area/range.  The feat only seems to summon 6 bears.  Tried in three places, 10+ enemies, did not get bear equalling the enemy numbers.

Also, for a 1/day ability with a very limited duration, the bears are very nice, but somewhat... squishy.  They could use a defense beef up since they are a "paragon" oneshot short duration power.  It just doesn't seem right that a small group of low level sub-epic pygmies could significantly damage supremely can't get any more epic than this 6 round duration epic summons.
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