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The rise and fall of Rayvensclaw Nightkind

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The rise and fall of Rayvensclaw Nightkind Empty The rise and fall of Rayvensclaw Nightkind

Post by RayvenNightkind on Thu Jan 22, 2009 10:24 am

No one is sure where he came from or how long he's been in Aenea, some say it's merely months others say years. What is know however is he was a righteous and powerful force against the undead and evil in the realm. Everyone however knew him by his wings, though once red and black, as the battles he endured carried on they began to change to a striking bright white. For once Rayvensclaw was a powerful Paladin and Champion of Dalix. He had dedicated his life to righting wrongs, stopping the scourge of undead, and helping travelers and hopeful warriors in thier times of need. There are stories of heroism abound, such as the terrible battle against the great Red Dragon Talon, in which he fought side by side with Aenea's other mightiest hero's, but in his pursuit of evil he began to use various magiks in his quest to purge the evils from the lands. But alas the use of such magiks had a unforeseen consequence. He began to become corrupted by these powerful forces. Changing, becoming much darker his demeanor and outward appearance began to change as well. His once angelic white wings became as black as the necromantic magiks he began to use. His striking armor changed to dark flowing robes. His face covered by a dark forboding helm, few if any ever see him without it. Rumors abound why he never removes it, some say he's horribly scarred from battle, others meanwhile contend he was scarred by the necromantic arts, but no one knows the true reason it is a constant but he himself. As he grew in power more striking changes occurred, it is known that throughout the realm only the most powerful of mages levitate, but it has been said Rayvensclaw has grown to such power. If this is true, may the gods help us all, for he will truly be a force for evil. One final warning to all who may encounter him, it is said he is as he once was, rather benevolent in his giving nature to other adventurers, but let it be know such benevolence comes with a price, although not always apparent, it is always high. May the gods have mercy on us all, for what has become of our hero.

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