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What's the Deal with Time in Aenea?

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What's the Deal with Time in Aenea? Empty What's the Deal with Time in Aenea?

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:12 pm

Time, and its passage, are important in the world of Aenea.

Just by entering ;;info time (or ;;t) into the chat bar, you can learn the current time of day, day, month, year, and the status of the sun and moons.

Why the need for all this in a special command?

Dawn takes place at 7 in the morning. Dusk is at 7 in the evening. These are important times for shadow children, drow, and vampires.

Wolfbloods and werewolves are affected by the two moons (silver Sharlo and green Naka). These are also the nights to beware of werewolves stalking the wilder parts of the lands.

Each moon has it's own rate of passage around Aenea. Sharlo is full the 1st night of every month, once every 28 days. Naka is full once every 21 days. Both moons full on the same night happens only 4 nights per year, at the start of each season.

The months are named according the the season, and each year starts with the 1st day of spring:
Springdawn, Midspring, Springdusk
Summerdawn, Midsummer, Summerdusk
Autumndawn, Midautumn, Autumndusk
Winterdawn, Midwinter, Winterdusk (these are the months you really want a cloak when outside)

The year marks the long-term passage of time. Bits of history mentioned throughout Aenea often list a specific year, and this is one way of giving depth and meaning to those numbers. Plus, just to see how much time has passed since the game has been running, persistent time-keeping started about three months after the game went online, and it started with the 1st day of Springdawn, Year 5425.

As far as actual mechanics go, general time passes at 1 game hour = 2 real minutes.

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