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Henchmen, Trainers, Servants, and more.

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Henchmen, Trainers, Servants, and more. Empty Henchmen, Trainers, Servants, and more.

Post by Anthroplayer Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:35 pm

In PnP player characters could sometimes win or buy a stronghold or house. This also means they can get servants. And in many cases they can hire henchmen. And in some cases slaves can be bought, won, or captured.

I have ideas involving this.


Servants in Aenea could perhaps have the following uses:
Cook/Farmer/Baker/Butcher (produce respected food items), Alchemist/Smith/Jeweler (repair/recharge/make respected items)
Henchmen could have the following uses:
Same as servants but will travel with you, Porter (a term used for people who would carry goods belonging to another in medeival times), Handler (for horses, familiars, pets, etc), Combat Ranged, Combat Melee, Combat Magic, Combat Healing, Combat Buffing.
Slaves could do any of the above depending on their owner/trainer or etc.


Servants would basically be commoners. Commoners would produce simple basic goods based on their level. Since a commoner of level1 would earn a maximum of 500 gold in their lifetime you could essentially allow players with houses or stronghold to buy a servant permanently for that amount, otherwise hire a servant for 1 gp a day in real life time. Each additional level would increase their quality and/or quantity of production and would also multiply their hiring cost by 4. Lets say a maximum level for a commoner would be 3.
Servants could also include Experts (the Alchemist/Smith/Jeweler). Since NWN doesn't have that class but has commoners they would be given commoner levels but instead of commoner prices it will be multiplied by 5 for base and max cost for their services. Also, for a Expert to make items for a character they will need the right equipment and payment for the commission. Each additional level would improve quality/quantity like before. A smith therefore would need the player to own a smithy to perform his duties and gold if he were to create items for the player. A alchemist would need the player to own a laboratory for same reason with same payment for same service. Jeweler would likely need a specialized smithy.

Henchmen are typically adventurers... but not always. A porter is basically a commoner that assists adventurers in simple matters. A porter carries equipment as well as loot, and thus while earning payment, will eventually have to return almost everything he has. A Porter would also have to do things such as carry a torch, set up camps, and ready a mount for their master to ride. A Handler would basically keep their master's animal and beast friends safe, out of harm, and tend to them. As such a Handler is important for adventurers who are too busy to keep their mounts, companions, and pets out of harms way as well as heal them and feed them. A Handler is very important. The later things are what are called mercenaries. Unlike adventurers they only do their work not for adventure but for pay. The Amethyst Dragon already implemented this in the guild of adventurers.

Finally we have slaves. Slaves can be anything of above, but they pose different difficulties. 1: Owning slaves that are humanoids is typically outlawed in most places, and while you are permitted to own your slaves in some of these areas, you can't buy slaves unless you go to a place where it is considered Legal. 2: Slaves tend to be more expensive based on their health and talents. As such when you buy a slave cheap ones normally are either ill, unskilled, or both. The opposite is for expesnive ones. 3: Slaves are normally demoralized by their life, and as such are prone to rebelling under bad treatment. Slaves are also dehumanitized, and as such a slave who is extremely well treated can often see their master as their best friend, or even as a parent or sibling. A typical slave for 200 gold would be a kobold slave of moderate health and of semi-decent talent (stats primarily around 10-14, with HP of 6-8 and skills that are almost equal to that of a nonslave of its kind).

To simulate Strongholds and such in Aenea, The Amethyst Dragon could allow players to make and/or join guilds. PC's who join a NPC controlled guild would have to obviously pay guild dues (taxes sent to the guild officials to pay for the food, housing, and services given to a guild member). PC's who make their own guild merely need to roleplay things out. Some guilds could allow slaves and others would forbid it. Some would have free servants or henchmen which are paid with guild dues collected from the members. Some would require you to pay a portion of the servants or henchmen's service whenever you use their help. And finally, equipment you take from the guild needs to be either returned or replaced, unless bought. Thus is why their are things such as guild dues (as said before, taxes for guild members to sustain the guild).
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Henchmen, Trainers, Servants, and more. Empty Re: Henchmen, Trainers, Servants, and more.

Post by The Amethyst Dragon Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:55 am

Definitely some things to consider here.

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