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Post by inthecorridors on Sun May 10, 2009 6:32 am

"I'd like a dwarven ambergold, please!"
The inkeep looked around blearily. Where had that voice come from? It was about midnight. The two grizzled guys were still snoring softly in the corner amidst their empty tankards, Jezzie was still trying to ply her trade on the wide eyed, well dressed young man in the corner, and his mother was still determinedly gumming her dinner down. Who....?
"Down here!" piped the voice patiently.
He looked down. Just below the level of the bar, a blonde gnome with a wide smile looked back up at him. "How many gold?" She held a few up towards him.
"When did you come in?" the inkeeper asked, mildly confused.
"Just now," she replied, also mildly confused, "erm, didn't you hear me come in? I swear I thought the whole town must have heard me when I stepped on that saggy board by the door, it creaked so loudly!"
He made a face. "Ah, right, yes, I ought to get someone to look at that... damned giant rats been chewing again... er, beg your pardon, miss, don't mean to use such language around you!"
The little gnome, who looked rather young to be buying ale, now that he thought about it, but what did he know about gnomes, giggled. "Oh, you should hear what my mother's second husband's uncle says when the cats bring home a cockatrice! Don't worry! Now, about that rat problem, you should get yourself a good mouser, take care of that in no time." She nodded very seriously.
"Miss, I don't know if you've SEEN the size of the rats... uh... that aren't anywhere near the kitchen or the rooms, of course, but--"
"Miow. My name is Miow. And really, you ought to get in contact with my family, we breed special cats just for problems such as these. Now how big is big?" Miow climbed up on a stool and leaned on the bar with a businesslike air.

Ten minutes later she carefully carried a full tankard and a letter of request of services back to a side table. "Mom will be so pleased! A customer! And I only had to pay three gold for the ale..." Miow carefully sipped at the ale and began scribbling down her own addenda to the request. "Suggest you ask cousin Aldo for one or two of Bonk's kittens; the rats sound dire. Don't recommend the grimalkin crossbreeds, they'd probably just lecture the inkeep about cleanliness and lounge around pointedly not catching the rats." She paused to scritch the haggard looking tavern cat, then made another notation. "Send bottles of #4 flea repellent with whichever cats you choose."
Miow gulped down some more of the ambergold and giggled a little. <i>Say what you will about the place, the ambergold is the real thing! Hwooooooooo, does it go to my head fast!</i> She blinked a little at the slightly fuzzy page, then finished her note in somewhat messier handwriting: "Sorry, have not found any interesting potentials for new crossbreeds yet, but am on my way to Valorian's Vale. I have heard that all the best adventurers pass through, and I'm sure I can at least find some odd jobs while I listen to the people in the Sleeping Dragon and get leads there. Hope you all are well, Miow."
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