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Berenice's Jaunts

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Berenice's Jaunts Empty Berenice's Jaunts

Post by Ceorlas Sun May 10, 2009 2:53 pm

I thought I'd take some quick snaps of some of the various places I've been to recently .. here's a few from the past couple of days.

I met some lingering individuals in the cave crypts below Vale's Graveyards .. this one went with a bang ..
Berenice's Jaunts Boom0110

and this one went flying ..
Berenice's Jaunts Boom0211

further down, after some disagreement with some horrible little men, I found this creature .. it was quite docile after a while ..
"Lie down! Good Boy! Roll Over! Play Dead! C'mon play .. .. umm
Berenice's Jaunts Vorsch10

I went back some time later and found that the brute had been 'playing' dead after all! So he got his lights punched out again.
Berenice's Jaunts Vorsch12

After all that dank cold I needed some warmth .. could have done without the welcome committee
Berenice's Jaunts Lava0110

and would you have guessed walking rocks can fly too?
Berenice's Jaunts Lava0210

and then there were these 3 big dragons all in a row ..
Berenice's Jaunts Dragon10

one down ..
Berenice's Jaunts Dragon11

two down ..
Berenice's Jaunts Dragon12

and you're the next to go! Umm, that made him cough.
Berenice's Jaunts Dragon13

And then there was this curious spot, really peculiar types .. I was waiting for them to start for a minute until I realised they already had!
Berenice's Jaunts Flayer10

it's like you can really hear them saying .. BRRAAAAINSS ! BRRAAAAINNSS!
Berenice's Jaunts Flayer12

and as for this lot which I came across in company with Shouri Braysin .. this was the start ..
Berenice's Jaunts Behold10

then they put on a proper Light Show for us .. that's me in the middle, the big yellow blob
Berenice's Jaunts Behold11

and here's where it ended with His Last Gasp. This one I Dedicate to Shouri (that's her body on the floor) for her superb efforts in clearing this thing's minions so I could get a clear run at him. It all turned out nicely, she had a Gift of Zolaras handy so no real harm done. Umm. Oh, and my thanks to Jinx for the incentive to go try them again after several previous and unpleasant attempts early in my career. *Looks around* Do I get a Little Gold Statue now ?
Berenice's Jaunts Behold12

All in all a pretty eventful day out. Maybe I'll have some more soon.
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Berenice's Jaunts Empty Re: Berenice's Jaunts

Post by daveyeisley Sun May 10, 2009 5:28 pm

Nice screenies!
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Berenice's Jaunts Empty Re: Berenice's Jaunts

Post by MannyJabrielle Sun May 10, 2009 5:33 pm


I really like the kicking ones Smile
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Berenice's Jaunts Empty Re: Berenice's Jaunts

Post by RustyDios Mon May 11, 2009 12:06 am

Great Screenies, the full-motion stills of any great adventure....
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Berenice's Jaunts Empty Re: Berenice's Jaunts

Post by Anthroplayer Fri May 15, 2009 2:19 am

Wow, this is nice! Very funny some of the comments.
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Berenice's Jaunts Empty Re: Berenice's Jaunts

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